52 rue Liotard – 1202 Genève +4178 667 94 50

The way of the heart and humour guide me towards your goals

Each door that opens is a new start …

I have completed numerous workshops and training courses, some of which are kinesiology, hypnosis EMDR Brainspotting, family constellations, auriculotherapy, FSEA Teacher Training for Adults, multi-cultural alchemy, art therapy and different massage techniques. I have a wide range of tools to support you in the changes you want to see appear in your life and meet your specific needs.

I have a sensitive and intuitive approach. Particularly specialized in the following issues:

  • Moderate depression, stress, anxiety, and burnout.
  • Identify and break free from toxic relationships, co-dependencies.
  • Break free from repetitive ancestral patterns.
  • Post-traumatic syndromes. Difficult moment in your life, mourning.
  • Find meaning, connect to the mysteries of life.
  • Trust building and problem solving.
  • Quiet mental rumination, take action.
  • Overcome fears, phobias, limiting beliefs.
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AHHD) for adults.
  • Addictions: websites, tobacco and others.
  • Problems related to sexuality, to being touched.
  • Gentle stimulations to enhance regulate cognitive abilities.

Member of ASCA Swiss Alternative Médicine Foundation

Let’s share the way