Life coach

Alchemy is the process of personal transformation.  Currently our reality is shifting.  We are beginning to consider alternative concepts such as multi-dimensionality, string theory, quantum physics, genetics and nanotechnology.  Even Alchemy, once considered a myth, has successfully been validated through the science of quantum mechanics.

Life has a meaning that goes beyond our understanding. It is like an initiatory path where each one faces difficulties according to his ability to learn. Like the path of the hero who has to face monsters. They present themselves by trials which appear on the way and which seem insurmountable. The coach helps you to watch the “monster” in front and to confront it. I provide you with tools so that you can seduce and coax them by taking a fresh look at the situation.

Remember the path you have already traveled, the events you have overcome.

See with gratitude and tenderness your exploits. You are the hero of your successes, there are helpers on the way, but no one can advance on your behalf.

We all come from the tears we shed,  they made us stronger and laughter that enlightened us and gave us courage. Live the way with intensity, say yes to the impulse of life even in suffering.

Happiness comes from this inner victory over one’s own demons that give access to more subtle perceptions of the miracle of life.