Systemic Constellation

 It is a very powerful care that in two sessions can restore order and harmony, I have surprising results that go beyond ordinary logic ! Possibility to come with a partner or other member of the family.

For people who are caught in repetitive scenarios and who wish to free themselves from unconscious hereditary memories in order to lead a life more in harmony with oneself. The goal of a constellation is to take a fresh look at our current situation and transform it from our family history. The therapist offers a more positive solution for ourselves and other members of the system to put an end to repetitive and painful scenarios. This method applies to family, work, and organizations, so self-work and personal awareness not only affects our immediate surroundings but a whole group-system. The participant poses a very real problem in his current life. Representatives are chosen from those present as part of a group (or papers placed on the floor in individual session). As the staged situation unfolds, this field gives, in a direct and subtle way, information on the internal dynamics of this situation, manifesting itself in the form of sensations, emotions, spatial movements, of movements. To pose a systemic constellation, makes it possible to free oneself from the forces preventing the free movement of the life. The workshops are open to men, women and companies who wish to place their situation in order to take a fresh look and find a harmonious solution.

Transgenerational trauma by DNA


It Didn’t Start With You, Mark Wolynn